Amit Shah
Amit Shah
Real Estate Salesperson

Amit is passionate about everything he does, and approaches every situation with a dedication that often goes beyond expectation. Bringing a vast sales experience, Amit specialises in negotiating the sale to achieve the best possible outcome for your business or property.

My approach is based around listening carefully to people’s needs and working around their timetable and budget; it’s not just about selling.

My simple approach is: ”I never try to sell; I help customers to buy”. This always works, combining a focus on delivery with the ability to relate to buyers and sellers from every walk of life, rest assured that with Amit by your side, you can expect the best possible result every time.

Amit knows Real Estate is all about relationships and aspires to build customers for life, even if the market appears challenging, he can always see potential – and opportunity.

Feel free to call for a confidential, ‘no obligation’ chat for any business or property requirement.

022 159 4710

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