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Sunny Days and a Gateway to the Pacific

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Whakatane, located in the sunny Bay of Plenty region, is a coastal town known for its stunning beaches, rich Māori heritage, and as a gateway to the active volcanic White Island. The town enjoys one of New Zealand’s sunniest climates, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and beach lovers.

Investors in Whakatane are drawn to the town’s growing reputation as a lifestyle destination. The local economy is robust, supported by sectors such as agriculture, forestry, fishing, and an increasing focus on tourism. This economic diversity provides a stable foundation for property investment.

The real estate market in Whakatane offers a range of opportunities, from residential properties with beachfront views to commercial spaces catering to the town’s thriving community and tourist population.

Investing in Whakatane means being part of a community that is deeply connected to its land and sea. The town’s commitment to preserving its natural and cultural heritage, combined with its economic growth potential, makes it an attractive location for those looking to invest in a place that offers both a relaxed lifestyle and business opportunities.

Get The Best Property Management Service in Whakatane

Efficient Tenant Matching

Find great tenants quickly. Our approach is all about efficiency and fit, connecting you with reliable renters for your property with minimal fuss.

Optimised Rental Returns

Get the best possible rental income. We use our local market knowledge to ensure your property earns a competitive rent.

Easy Property Management

Property management made easy. Leave the details to us and enjoy more free time, knowing your property is in capable hands.

Up-to-Date Legal Knowledge

Stay informed and compliant. We keep up with the latest property regulations to ensure your investment is always protected and up to legal standards.

Detailed Care for Your Property

We look after your property as if it were our own. Every aspect is managed with care and attention to detail, ensuring its well-being.

Fair, Transparent Pricing

Quality service at honest prices. We offer straightforward, competitive rates for comprehensive property management services.

The Inspire Property Difference

Better Tenants

As experienced property managers, we help you find the best tenants available faster than you can possibly imagine.

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We will obtain a premium rental value for your property through proven processes backed by years of experience.

No Hassle

We are here to help you reduce your workload from your everyday busy life. Leave it all to us while you enjoy a nice holiday.

Stay Informed

Our property managers are regularly trained and informed of the most recent legal information that affects your properties.

Our Process


Everything begins with a cup of coffee. We like to use our time to understand your expectations when it comes to managing your property.

Inspection & Appraisal

We like to visit the property and understand what it offers tenants. A free appraisal will be provided and discussed with you. We’d love to have you on board.

Tenancy Selection

Once the boring paperwork is done, we’ll get to work and source and place a wonderful tenant to your investment. Our careful tenant selection will impress.

Complete Management

Inspire is a one stop shop. We will take care of everything from emptying your letter box if and when the house is empty, to arranging tenancy agreements, lodging and releasing of bonds, inspections, maintenance, rent collection and move outs amongst many other things.

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