Anyos Gonczy
Anyos Gonczy
Group Director

My name is Anyos Gonczy and I am the sole owner and director of Inspire Real Estate and its subsidiaries. I am also involved with the companies property portfolio and subdivision/newbuild projects.

Inspire Real Estate is an agency assisting all stakeholders in the selling and management of property across NZ. We are in over 18 regions across NZ and our footprint and success stories are increasing every day. Achieving superior prices and hassle-free management of rentals along with a great experience for all involved is our mantra. The cornerstone of our success has been down to the dynamic and committed group of people that forms our nationwide team. I am humbled by their loyalty and proud of their successes.

About me, I am a very lucky father to my son and daughter and have the most amazing lady by my side whom I have had the pleasure of being with for almost 20 years. We love boats, travel and time together.

I enjoy business and what I do, and with that in mind, doing a good job for our clients is non-negotiable.


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